Strategic approaches towards ISO certification for any business!

ISO certification is crucial for business sustainability, focusing on effective management protocols in areas like quality, business continuity, information security, occupational health and safety, environmental sustainability, and risk management.

After achieving ISO certification, regular internal audits and a renewal process every three years are necessary. This blog outlines the steps and strategic approaches any business can take for ISO certification and its renewal and emphasizes the role of consultants in ensuring compliance.

Why Hire Consultants if you’re getting ISO certified for a first time or for a renewal?

Smooth Audit Process:

  • Ensure a smooth audit process with the support of professional audit specialists or ISO consultants.

System Improvement:

  • Improve your system before the deadline with their expertise.


  • Hiring consultants is cost-effective and covers significant procedures like readiness analysis and gap detection.

Comprehensive Service:

  • Their service covers critical procedures from start till you get the certification in hand like readiness analysis, internal audit and gap detection.

Le’ts look at the Step-by-Step guidelines for ISO Certification Process:

Step 1 – Gather Documents:

  • Collect existing ISO certification, management data, and reports to evaluate processes and identify non-conformities.

Step 2 – Internal Audit:

  • Conduct internal audits twice a year to identify areas for improvement. Third-party audits by authorized bodies follow.

Step 3 – Visit Certification Body:

  • After implementing improvements, contact the certification body. Online registration is available for convenience.

Step 4 – Fill Registration Form:

  • Provide accurate details on the certification body’s website registration form to avoid rejection.

Step 5 – Payment:

  • Pay the renewal fee, typically ranging between $15k to $30k, depending on certification type and organization size.

Step 6 – Verification and Audit:

  • The certification body sends an audit team to verify details. If compliance is maintained, the renewal is confirmed.

Renew your certification promptly for strengthened brand credibility and adherence to international standards. Contact MG Environmental Consulting for guidance through the ISO certification renewal process, ensuring a smooth experience.