Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis pertaining to ISO and EHS Compliance provides detailed points for understanding the gaps between your processes and certification specific requirements that must be met, which are outlined in its clauses.

​It’s an important and effective step to evaluate how effectively your system is performing and what changes need to be made for meeting standard requirements.

How will Gap Analysis help you?

Identify safety risks, operational hazards, and areas of improvement with better system monitoring will lead to less injuries and less money spent on such incidents.

​Create a sound EHS program that will contribute to sustainable and profitable business growth.

How can MG help you?

  • ​We will help in making EHS part of your company culture by performing risk assessment, devising risk mitigation plan
  • We will recommend the new customizable EHS programs, operationalize the EHS management system, and better monitoring of incidents and their solutions.
  • We will offer customized gap analysis package that will include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your operations and establish closed loop risk assessment plans.
  • Physical assessment of each building for general safety and fire life safety aspects.
  • Current EHS assessment and Gap analysis will lay the foundation of a solid and compliant EHS program for the Organization. This will describe the path forward for the Organization in the focus areas.