The Joint Commission Survey

Preparing for the Joint Commission Survey can be stressful, time-consuming, and extremely challenging. With our decade long experience in successful completion of The Joint Commission surveys, we can take your stress away by putting our best foot forward in terms of survey preparation resulting in successful outcomes.

We specialize in not only delivering a 100% success rate in survey results, but providing best customer service with a collaborative approach focused on optimal quality work. Our main goal is that with our unique specialization your organization passes the survey with minimal or no citations.

Our strategy is to simulate the survey preparation plan based on your organization. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and provide comprehensive services catered to your organization specific compliance, regulations, and standards.

Education and Training of Staff

  • Educate your staff on The Joint Commission Survey standards and programs.
  • Collaborate with you to provide the employees essential training based on Joint Commission standards.
  • Be available to educate staff and management via training, seminars or one-to-one meetings.

Implementation of Risk Management

  • With our most current and relevant knowledge of health care issues and strategies, we’ll help you create and implement an effective risk management environment.
  • Enable you to stay on top of your objectives of compliance and patient safety by providing guidance through our thoroughly crafted risk management processes.

Policy and Procedure assistance

  • Collaborate with you to prepare policies, forms and standards as per the Joint Commission Survey guidelines.
  • Collaborate with you to keep your compliance documentation ready for any surprise surveys.

Survey Gap Analysis & Solution Implementation

  • Understand the current level of compliance, prepare the gap analysis report based on the services/processes of your organization, and implement solutions based on our practical and economical action plans

Management Coaching

  • Provide consulting reports and presentations aimed toward senior executive management.
  • Provide coaching to the staff involved in The Joint Commission survey.
  • Emphasize on the practical approaches in the application of The Joint Commission and/or Joint Commission International standards.

Mock Surveys

  • Conduct mock surveys to prepare you better for an actual Joint Commission survey.
  • Make you understand the areas of improvement in compliance and prepare you to handle challenging questions/issues.

Corrective Action Plans

  • Create corrective action plans for the Joint Commission readiness and post survey which are economical and practical as well as adhere to The Joint Commission guidelines.
  • Keep up with the compliance regarding the quality of services and deliverables and actively make improvements.

Post Survey Support

  • Collaborate with your staff to address appeals by identifying gaps, preparing action plans, and making corrections. Prepare the organization for any follow-up surveys.
  • Obtain feedback on the survey from Joint Commission Resources and share with the management.
  • Continue with providing services for improving patient care, quality, and safety.