eWaste Responsible Recycling: R2, RIOS, e-Stewards®

R2 and RIOS

The goal here is to help the e-waste recyclers achieve measurable and continual improvement in their QEH&S performance as well as manage all operations within the system.

To fulfill R2 & RIOS compliance requirements, we start with a gap analysis of your organization, then a customized road map with timelines and milestones to compliance is designed. Our implementation process includes utilizing Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. We use best practices to identify, develop, implement and train your staff and facility with the following:​

  • Develop an R2v3 accredited (EHSMS) environmental, health and safety management system
  • OHSAS 18001, Health & Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental compliance
  • Develop an RIOS accredited (QESH) quality, environmental, and health and safety
  • Ensure State & Federal requirements
  • Internal Audit Training
  • Management Review
  • Post external Audit consulting


  • Introducing e-Stewards® – the e-waste industry offers various certifications, but e-Stewards® stands out as the unrivaled leader. By selecting e-Stewards® certified recyclers, refurbishers, and processors, you gain peace of mind knowing that your e-waste is managed in accordance with the highest standards of environmental responsibility, data security, legal compliance, and employee safety.
  • Let us help you to join the e-Stewards® revolution and make a positive impact on our planet today.
  • Furthermore, e-Stewards® goes beyond environmental considerations and prioritizes the safety of employees. By adhering to the program’s rigorous guidelines, certified companies provide a secure working environment, protecting the health and well-being of their staff.

Check out more details on the services below within e-waste compliance that MG can help you with: