Audits and Certifications

Within e-waste recycling, there are many certifications an organization can decide to go with. We are helping several clients in choosing the best certification based on their operations, size, and requirements. R2v3, RIOS, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, and e-Stewards. Our services include (but not limited to) documenting the system, helping in implementing, performing downstream audits, management review and representing clients in the external audits.


Our strategy is to work with clients collaboratively as per their needs, provide solutions to their problems, simplify the process of audits and certifications for them, and help them understand the process through trainings.

Our vision is to provide the most cost-effective, least clientele time engagement and best quality services


We provide complete consultation for your organization to attain, implement and maintain R2 (Responsible recycling), RIOS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, e-Stewards, and ISO 45001 certification.

We will create documentation as per your organization, implement the management systems as per standards, conduct internal audits, and perform management reviews.

We conduct downstream audits on your tier 1 vendors to ensure your downstream due diligence. We will ensure your external audits are passed with minimal issues.

Maintenance of certifications. We will ensure that your monthly, quarterly and annual activities related to certifications and number tracking are complete in a timely manner.

We can make on-site visits on a regular basis to ensure the organization stays in compliance throughout.

We provide guidance and support as needed for staying in regulation

Customized services. We are happy to learn your process and collaborate with you to help you attain and maintain compliance certification anytime of the year.