Training and Documentation

We believe strongly in the principle of “if it’s not documented it’s not done.” We ensure all the clients training program, training records, and all regulatory requirements are established and documented. This helps the clients in a long way should they need it in the future.


One of MG Environmental Consulting’s primary goals is to educate the clients on the importance of Environment, Health, and safety measures. We are dedicated to providing guidance in understanding the process of ISO management systems, maintaining the certifications and keeping the workplace and employees safe.


  • Online COVID-19 prevention training
  • Personalized on-site or online safety trainings
  • Personalized on-site or online ISO management system requirement and maintenance training
  • Standard specific general awareness training
  • Corrective action training
  • Risk assessment training
  • Customized trainings based on your needs and requirements


  • ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 documentation
  • R2, RIOS and e-Stewards documentation
  • Incident management plan policy
  • Asset management policy
  • Disaster recovery plan policy
  • Security awareness plan policy
  • Workstation Hazard Risk Assessment plan policy
  • Behavior based safety plan policy