Past Projects and Testimonials

MG Environmental’s clients are its greatest asset. We are immensely proud of the collaborative work we have accomplished thus far across the country and are excited for future opportunities to serve the recycling community. Through the testimonials below, we hope you get a glimpse into our client service dedication and emphasis on quality.

GreenTek Solutions

Anuar Garcia, CEO

“I have come to know Puneet through our collaboration on managing our company’s environmental certifications and compliance since last year. I continue to be impressed with his knowledge, hard work and professionalism. More importantly, his passion for the recycling industry and the work that he does is unparalleled. If you’re looking for an environmental professional who really knows and understands the e-waste recycling industry, Puneet Gupta is THE guy. I do not hesitate recommending him for your consulting needs for R2/ISO.”

ABM Systems

Shobi Alvi, CEO

“As a consultant to electronic waste recycling, Puneet Gupta is one of the foremost authorities in terms of environmental regulations, permits and responsibilities. He always comes prepared for the meetings and is very detail oriented in his approach which has helped us significantly to bring sustainability to our business and sets him apart from other consultants. We are always relieved when he comes on-site and takes full charge of the audits and compliance assessment. He is a great communicator and possesses a wealth of knowledge on R2 and ISO certifications and environmental affairs. I hope to continue working with him to further strengthen our partnership. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable partner.”

Evergreen IT Solutions

Wendy Carmona, Executive Account Manager

“I’ve known Puneet for over 2 years and he is one of the best people who promote best management practices to the industries tirelessly and passionately with good stewardship of the environment while exhibiting a refreshingly honest and compassionate concern for the business. He is very easy to communicate with and it’s very easy to see his passion, enthusiasm and commitment on the subject of environmental compliance. He has an innate quality of managing and accomplishing the environmental regulations and compliance economically. Having hired to assist with decoding the mass of sometimes confusing Storm Water and DTSC regulations and R2 certification, I can say with confidence that he knows our industry very well. I heartily recommend MG Environmental Consulting and Puneet Gupta for anyone needing professional and ethical council with environmental compliance and R2 certification.”

Limitless USA

Jim Magcalas, General Manager

“Thank you for the continuing support and dedication given to our organization. Over the years, your consulting services have proven to be invaluable. Your knowledge and skillful approach in working with us is truly an asset to our company. Because of you, we have been proactive and are one step ahead of any visits from environmental agencies. MG Environmental Consulting has done an excellent job of maintaining compliance with new environmental laws and regulations at our firm. Puneet has assisted us in conducting successful audits, maintaining documentation as per ISO and OSHA regulations, establishing environmental best practices at plants, and organizing environmental training for employees. His ability to effectively communicate the sizable environmental regulations pertaining to electronic recycle is commendable. We will continue our successful relationship with MG Environmental Consulting in the future based on Puneet’s professionalism, vast knowledge, and devotion. If you are new to the industry or the environmental field, I strongly recommend using Puneet’s services.”