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Recycling industry – R2, e-Stewards, RIOS

Do you need help in choosing the right certification for your organization? Are you lost in multiple options for certification that will address your needs in e-waste compliance. R2 (Responsible Recycling), RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standard), and e-Stewards are three distinct certification programs related to responsible and sustainable practices in the recycling industry, particularly in the handling of electronic waste (e-waste).

R2 (Responsible Recycling):

R2 is centered on responsible recycling of electronic waste. It addresses environmental, health, and security aspects of the recycling process. Organizations seeking R2 certification must comply with a set of standards and practices, ensuring that their electronic waste recycling operations are conducted responsibly and sustainably.

RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standard):

RIOS is a broader standard that covers the entire recycling industry, not just electronic waste. It covers environmental, health, safety, and quality management systems. RIOS certification involves meeting standards related to general recycling operations, including quality control, health and safety, and environmental management.


e-Stewards is specifically designed for responsible and ethical management of electronic waste. It places a strong emphasis on preventing the export of e-waste to developing countries and ensuring proper recycling practices. Organizations pursuing e-Stewards certification must adhere to strict criteria, including the prohibition of exporting hazardous e-waste to certain countries and conforming to high ethical and environmental standards. In summary, while all three certification programs share the goal of promoting responsible practices in the recycling industry, they have different scopes and emphases. R2 focuses on e-waste, RIOS covers the broader recycling industry, and e-Stewards specifically addresses ethical and responsible management of electronic waste. MG specializes in helping companies in choosing the right certification based on their specific operations and the type of waste they handle.

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